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Customer -  The person who places an order in the Internet shop www.nsking.eu and is the recipient of the goods ordered.
Seller - www.nsking.eu
Zemitāna iela 6, Rīga, LV-1012, Latvija
E-shop - the Internet site with the following address: www.nsking.eu. The site is available to the customer for the purchase goods - property of the seller, as well as information about the terms of payment and delivery.
Website - www.nsking.eu
Product - a material good that is offered for purchase at the website www.nsking.eu.
Order - selected online goods which are chosen and paid for by the customer.
Shipping Method – For the comfort of the customer, there are 4 methods of delivery. More about our delivery methods can be found in the "Delivery" section.
Customer service - a service which belongs to the seller, and which includes handling and control of the order made by the customer.


1.1. The site owner and administrator - "NITTIS" SIA
1.2. When ordering www.nsking.eu site, the Customer agrees to the sale of goods regulations (hereinafter - the rules), which are described below.
1.3. These rules, as well as information posted on the site are publicly available.
1.4. The relationship between the customer and the seller are governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.
1.5. The seller reserves the right to change the rules.


2.1. Ordering online is available to registered customers.
2.2. The seller is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of information that the customer form of the site.
2.3. The customer agrees not to distribute to third parties his user name and password that were specified in the registration form on the site. If the customer is suspicions that his user name and / or password might be known and / or can be used by third parties, the customer should immediately inform the seller by sending an email to eveikals@nsking.eu. The letter must be sent with information used during registration as well as the e-mail address of the customer.


3.1. The customer can place an online order themselves.
3.2. When ordering, the customer must specify the following information:
- Name and surname of the customer / recipient of the order
- Delivery method
- Delivery address
- Contact number
- E-mail address
3.3. After successfully ordering a product, the customer receives an e-mail confirming the order’s status.
3.4. The order is considered to be processed, and the service Vendor Service starts processing for delivery once receiving full payment of the order from the customer.
3.5. If the item is in stock in the required quantity specified by the customer, the entire amount will be delivered to the address specified by the customer. Otherwise, the seller will contact the customer at the specified contact in the registration by e-mail or phone and will either correct or annul the purchase at the customer's request.
3.6. Delivery time depends on the region and address, as well as from the method of selected delivery service of the product and does not depend directly on the seller.
3.7. If the customers cancels a payment, the order will be canceled and the payment returned to the account of the customer. If the customer wants cancel part of a paid order, but the order has not yet been sent from the warehouse, or correct an order, the order should be canceled completely, and a new, corrected order place. The sum of the previous order is then returned to the customer. The period of repayment of the order amount depends on the banking services, rather than from the seller. As soon as the customer receives an e-mail regarding the dispatch of the order, it may not be cancelled.
3.8. Information materials are available on the website do not fully reflect the characteristics of the goods (including shades of colours, technical specifications, form). Before placing your order, the customer has the right to apply to the seller for a detailed explanation of the properties of the goods they are interested in purchasing. If the customer does not contact the seller for a detailed explanation, it is assumed that the customer did not have doubts about the specific properties of the product.
3.9. Product description posted on www.nsking.eu site is for informational purposes only. Using this information can not be held for no legal obligations between the seller and the customer. Product descriptions may not exactly correspond to the criteria of the customer's requests.
3.10. The seller is not responsible for the shades and colours of the products on display.


4.1. The goods are delivered to all regions of Latvia.
4.2. The seller does everything in his power to keep the promised delivery time, but in spite of this, there may be delays due to circumstances beyond reasons directly in control of the seller.
4.3. The risks associated with accidental loss or damage to the goods are assumed by the customer when they personally receive the order.
4.4. If the goods are not delivered to the customer by reason loss during delivery, the seller shall reimburse the customer the price paid for the goods and delivery charges only after the seller receives confirmation of the loss or compensation from the courier.
4.5. All possible methods of delivery are given the "Delivery" section on the website.
4.6. The order is delivered to the customer or the person who is listed in the order as the recipient of the order.


5.1. All prices for products on the site are in euros and include VAT. The cost of shipping goods to the customer is not included in the price of the goods.
5.2. All payment methods are described on the website under "Payment".
5.3. The order is accepted for further processing only when its full payment. A product cannot be reserved.
5.4. The seller has the right to grant the customer a discount on goods and offers for clients to participate in special promotions and bonus programs. The seller has the right to change the prices and terms of promotions and bonus programs unilaterally.


6.1. The customer has the right to return the purchased goods within 14 days of receipt of goods if they satisfiy the customer’s requirements for size, style, color, shape, size or bundle provided that they customer has preserved the appearance, consumer properties complete with original packaging and labels.
6.2. If the customer refuses the goods purchased for the reason described in clause 6.1, the seller shall pay the full value of the returned goods.
6.3. According to the law on consumer protection, the seller has the right to refuse to accept goods back or take a payment, if the goods are not returned in the original packaging, the packaging displays serious damage, or if the product shows noticeable signs of slight traces of use, such as scratches and similar defects.
6.4. The seller does not provide exchange service for the goods, however the customer may return any product that is not completely satisfactory (as in clause 6.1.) within 14 days of receipt of the order and / or place a new order.
6.5. Cash is returned to the customer in the same way that the customer used when paying for the order.
6.6. Details on how to apply for claims on the quality of the goods and information on refunds can be found on the website under "Returns".
6.7. The customer is responsible for the preservation of product quality and safety throughout the first 14 days of after receiving it, during which period returns are possible.
6.8. From first use of the goods the customer confirms that the product meets its expectations and is thus non-refundable.


7.1. All text published on the website or graphic information is protected and is the property of the seller.


8.1. The seller is not responsible for any damage caused to the customer due to improper use of the goods.
8.2. The www.nskong.eu website may contain links to other sites, which may not be associated with the site or www.nsking.eu or the seller. The seller has no control over and does not monitor such sites and/or their contents. The seller is not responsible for the content of these sites and for the rules adopted by them in relation to your privacy and processing of your personal data when you visit these sites.
Please be careful when you go to these sites using the links on the www.nsking.eu website and carefully read the relevant terms of use and information on privacy policy of websites.
The privacy policy of the www.nsking.eu website does not apply to websites operated by third parties. Links to other websites are provided to website www.nsking.eu are solely to assist users in searching and browsing through this site, and to use links to other sites on the Internet. When the seller provides links to other sites, the seller makes recommendations to visit those sites and makes no guarentees with respect to their content, services or products offered or sold on these sites to Internet users.
8.3. The seller has the right to transfer to third parties the fulfilment of its rights and obligations to the customer.
8.4. Product descriptions posted on the www.nsking.eu website is for informational purposes only. Usage of this information cannot be held for legal obligations between the seller and the customer. Product descriptions may not correspond with the criteria of customer's specific requests.
8.5. Seller is not responsible for the transfer of the goods color settings on the customer display.


9.1. Customer’s personal data is collected and processed by the seller exclusively for the purpose of using the website, its services and making purchases on it.
In particular, the cutstomer’s personal data will be processed for the following purposes:
- When the customer is registered on the site, the seller collects and processes personal data of the customer (eg, personal information, password, email address, street address, telephone number, gender) in order to provide the customer with access to services limited to the www.nsking.eu website as well as to send messages in the form of a newsletter (if the customer has selected this particular service);
- When the customer asks for the help of customer service, the seller will collect and process personal data (eg name, e-mail address and password) for the sole purpose of customer support services related to the www.nsking.eu website customer service and the purchase of goods on the www.nsking.eu website;
- When the customer purchases goods offered on the site, the seller collects and processes personal data of the customer (eg, personal data, email address, mailing address, credit card numbers, bank code and phone number), which are specified when placing the order, exclusively for sale of the goods ordered;
- When technical assistance is required, the seller will collect and process personal data in order to provide information about navigating the Internet, browser compatibility, downloads and viewing pages on the www.nsking.eu website;
- During formation of the wish list (Whish list), the seller processes the personal data of the customer, to offer personalized service to purchase goods on the www.nsking.eu website.
9.2. Personal data is usually processed electronically and in some cases using paper, such as in cases where the processing of personal data is required to prevent fraud.
9.3. Customer personal data will not be passed on to third parties for purposes that do not meet the standards of the Republic of Latvia legislation or without the explicit consent of the customer.
Personal data may be communicated to third parties only when it is necessary to process the order. For example, personal data may be transmitted to customer banking services in order to perform remote electronic payments by credit / debit card when purchasing goods on the www.nsking.eu website or to delivery services. In addition, personal data may be transferred to the police or judicial authorities in accordance with the current laws at the official request of those bodies. In all the above cases, the customer consents to the processing of personal data.
9.4. The seller undertakes the processing of personal data of www.nsking.eu customers and users of the website for purposes related solely to the provision of services on the www.nsking.eu website, the implementation of contracts relating to the sale of goods on the www.nsking.eu website and, after obtaining consent, to send you information on new commercial initiatives and promotions that are relevant only to the activities and services of the site.
9.5. The customer will provide and modify their own personal data on the website for direct marketing purposes, including by e-mail, only after agreeing to the terms and conditions. The seller guarentees customers and users of the website that they have the right at any time and without giving any reason not to receive subsequent messages relating to certain services by providing a corresponding request.
9.6. The customer may have access to personal data of third parties, which have been provided by the direct customer, for example, in the following cases:
- When the customer purchases the goods to send them to the address of a friend; - When a user, who pays for the goods, it is not the recipient;
- When the customer or user of the site wants to recommend the www.nsking.eu website to friends, the services of the website or a specific product offered for sale on this website.
In all the above cases, make sure that you have the consent of a third party before providing their information, and inform them about the purposes of these rules of confidentiality. In the absence of the consent expressed by third parties, the customer or user of the site will be the sole person responsible for the disclosure of information and data relating to these persons, as well as any inappropriate and improper use of this information.
9.7. The seller receives information about IP addresses www.nsking.eu visitors. This information is not used for the purpose of identification of the individual site visitor.
9.8. The seller is not responsible for the information provided by the customer or provided in either the registration form or orders.


10.1 The relationship between the seller and the customer is regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
10.2. In the case of any questions or complaints, the customer should direct them to the customer services department. All disputes between parties will be attempted to be resolved through negotiation. If you can not reach an agreement, the dispute will be referred to the judicial authorities in accordance with applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
10.3. If a court recognises any of the above points in these terms and conditions as invalid, it does not render the rest of the points as invalid.